Patricia Ericson


Patricia Ericson is the Chief Administrative Officer at Floodgate. She is responsible for administrative management, human resources, information technology, and internal operations.

Patricia was formerly the Director of Administration at Emergence Capital, where her responsibilities included managing operations and the administrative and IT teams. Prior to Emergence, Patricia served as Director of Administration for Opus Capital, and before that, Office Manager for Lightspeed Venture Partners. Prior to beginning her career in venture capital in the early 2000s, Patricia worked in the executive search and banking industries.

Pens, Paper, Manual Transmissions, and generally, all things analog.

BA, English Literature, San Jose State University

I began my career in banking, but I knew that selling mutual funds and balancing people’s checkbooks was not for me. 

My first step into the VC world was in 2001 when I joined Lightspeed Venture Partners. The timing was perfect. The bubble was deflating. It was a difficult time for the industry. It was inspirational for me to observe and be a part of the ways in which LSVP navigated those times. I took a particular liking to the operational side of venture capital, especially how early-stage firms work.

I deeply admire entrepreneurs who strike out in order to bring their ideas to life. What I love about working with founders is their indefatigable spirit. I’m motivated to make our founders’ operational lives easier so they can focus on building their business and changing the world. Founders embody my core values: a get-it-done mentality and teamwork. It’s an absolute honor to work with them every day.

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