Tyler Whittle

Senior Associate

Tyler is a Senior Associate at Floodgate. Prior to Floodgate, Tyler completed his PhD as part of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). His research on entrepreneurial finance covered topics such as how going public affects employees and how accelerators can select the optimal cohort. During this time, he also pursued his passion for teaching by leading courses in technology strategy, venture finance, and entrepreneurship.

Before his PhD, Tyler spent time working on nuclear fusion reactors, implementing software as a consultant, and leading operations at StartX. He was drawn to these opportunities by the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by the respective organizations and the ability to collaborate with world-class people. Tyler has a voracious appetite for learning and loves working alongside entrepreneurs to help them unlock their potential.

Tyler grew up in Tennessee and has a distinct appreciation for southern barbeque and Tennessee sports teams.


Sports (all of them!), Blockchain, Fantasy Novels, Mixology


BS - Vanderbilt University (Engineering Science, Physics, & Math)

MS - Stanford University (Management Science & Engineering)

PhD - Stanford University (STVP - Entrepreneurial Finance)

I grew up in Knoxville in a home that was always bustling with activity. On any given day you could find me hosting international friends, discussing physics with my grandfather, or playing basketball with the neighbors. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I later realized that my family was instilling me with the values of community, education, and sport. These are the fundamental values that drove me to venture and Floodgate.

My mental model for my job is pretty simple: connect-learn-win. I firmly believe the first step on the path to entrepreneurial success is a strong and diverse community of peers. I want to plug you into Floodgate communities that can strap a booster rocket to your current trajectory. And if we don’t have one that fits, I want to build it with you! When it comes to learning, the educator in me gets immense joy from helping others solve tough problems. There are few places I feel more comfortable than at a whiteboard with a big hairy question to answer. Finally, I love to compete. Entrepreneurs are the ultimate underdog story, facing near impossible odds to build their vision of the future. I’ll be there grinding right alongside you, working tirelessly to help turn your vision into reality.

Ultimately, I find fulfillment in building lasting communities and helping the people I care about reach their goals. At Floodgate, I’m able to wake up every day and work with an amazing set of founders, investors, and friends to do just that!

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