Greatness Starts Early

We are your first true believers.

Before you have traction.
Before you have proven success metrics.
Before you have product/market fit.

...Before the rest of the world believes.

We believed in Twitter before it was Twitter. We believed in Lyft when it was Zimride, Okta when it was Saasure, Twitch when it was, and dozens of others that have achieved greatness.

If you dream of building a breakthrough, it will take work -- an almost impossible amount. You will have to adapt, regroup, and pivot. You will battle devastating setbacks and face endless unknowns. Sometimes, you will make a fool of yourself. Conventional thinkers will often, and loudly, say you’re wrong. You will spend time with VCs and other folks who will tell you everything that can go wrong...while lacking the talent and imagination to envision what can go right. You will experience days when you agree with the doubters while fighting your personal demons on the startup roller coaster.

Through it all, we will remain your co-conspirators, not just investors.

We will surround you with whatever and whoever you need to defeat what seems impossible. We will keep conversations honest along the way, especially when they aren’t easy. We will help you eliminate noise and distractions.

On the toughest days, we will remind you -- “You’ve got this.”

The world needs more breakthrough builders. If this is one of your lifetime goals - your life’s work is our life’s work.

A breakthrough startup is not a lottery ticket, a roll of the dice, or an experiment. The future is not random. It’s designed.

We’ve worked with transformational consumer and B2B startups of the last two decades. Collectively these companies are worth more than $100 Billion today.