Avi Muller


Avi is an Associate at Floodgate. Prior to Floodgate, he was an investor at Dorm Room Fund where he led early-stage investments with a combined portfolio value of $15B+. Before becoming an investor he worked at an early-stage startup called NextRound. He studied History at NYU graduating Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

At Floodgate, Avi spends half his time finding and working with current founders and folks who are thinking of becoming founders in the near future. (If you received a cold email from him that led you to this profile page, this is your sign to stop reading and instead set up a time to chat)

When he is not working with founders, the other half of Avi’s time is spent researching specific sectors and inflection points within them. These inflection points often fall within the realm of a social, technical, or governmental/legislative change that allows new companies to emerge and radically change their given industry.

Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Kayaking, Buffalo Bills, History of Innovation (ask me for a fun fact!)

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