Lori Simotas


Lori Simotas is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Floodgate. She has 19 years of industry experience and is responsible for the firm’s finance, accounting, investor reporting, legal, taxation, and operations.

Lori was formerly Chief Financial Officer of Prospect Venture Partners where her responsibilities where overseeing the finance and accounting operations. Prior to Prospect, Lori served as Director of Finance for Opus Capital, Director of Finance for Lightspeed Venture Partners, and served a broad array of venture capital firms in her capacity as Western Region Project Manager for Analytx, Inc.

Skiing, Golfing, and Travel.

BBA, University of San Diego
MBA, Golden Gate University

I stumbled upon venture capital. After I got my MBA, I worked in hospital administration. From there, a friend recruited me to work for Analytx, a software solution for the alternative assets community. That led me to VC a year later.

This industry fosters limitless opportunities for those with big ideas. Every founder has a different reason why they started their business. It’s fascinating to see their journeys and watch them grow not only their businesses but also as individuals. It’s an industry where anything can happen — dreams can come true and amazing technology, products, businesses, medical devices, and new drugs are born.

I love it here at Floodgate. It’s like a family. And it’s an absolute joy to keep everything running on a tight ship so the investment team can do what they do best. 

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